Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Colbert Report Viewers Are More Informative Than CNN, FOX, MSNBC

Colbert Report Viewers Are More Informative Than CNN, FOX, MSNBC

In 2012, there's was a study done that showed that people who watched no news were informative than those who watched Fox News. I wasn't very surprised when I heard this because Fox News isn't news; it's Republican propaganda. The same study showed that the viewers of Jon Stewart's Daily Show were more informative than those who frequent Fox News.

There's a similar study out this year that indicates that the viewers of the Colbert Report know much more about news than anyone who regularly watches other major news channels, like CNN, Fox, MSNBC. This study is specially pertaining to the issue of campaign finance, which Stephen covered heavily in this program during that last election cycle.

The study was done by the University of Pennsylvania."['The Colbert Report'] not only increased people’s perceptions that they knew more about political financing, but significantly increased their actual knowledge, and did so at a greater rate than other news sources," the university's Annenberg Public Policy Center wrote in a statement.

Campaign finance has been a major issue in American politics for a while, but grew in significance with the enactment of the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court that said one can give unlimited donations to super-pacs supporting a candidate. It was the loudest "money talks" statement made by a body of power in the US yet. To educate the public through his 'fake' news show, Stephen and Jon Stuwert started their own super-pac, and shred light on the corruptions taking place behind closed doors. They even produced an ad 'supporting' then-candidate Rick Perry.

It's not at all shocking that CNN, which call themselves "the most trusted name in news," didn't cover the issue of campaign finance because, while MSNBC and Fox lean towards their respective ideological political parties, CNN represents the Washington establishment. They are the ultimate, blame either nobody or everybody, and give credit to either nobody or everybody. They have mastered the art of reporting 50/50 news. They have tremendous amount of resources to be a viable news organization, for years they've been squandering it, and their rating are very indicative of that.

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