Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tea Party Members Don't Trust Scientists. Shocking?

Only 28% percent of the Tea  Party members trust climate scientists.
Only 28% percent of the Tea  Party members trust climate scientists.
It's common sense to believe that not everybody is correct. But not trusting what trained professional unanimously agree on something is the very definition of ignorance. Take for instance, say climate change. Over 97% of the scientists agree on climate change. But, according to a poll conducted by Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire found out that only 28% percent of the Tea  Party members trust climate scientists! On the contrary, a vast 83% of the Democrats believe scientists.

This is not really shocking given a lot of the Tea Partiers believe in crazy stuff like angles, ghosts and Obama is a secret Muslim from Kenya. People are entitled to their own beliefs but that doesn't mean they are correct. And the problem is, these crazies actually vote to elect other crazies just like themselves into the US Congress, thus the existence of Louie Gorhmet, Michelle Bachmann, and Steve King. Large majority of these crazy theories are propagated by Fox News.

Read more on http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2014/05/tea-party-climate-trust-science

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