Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rational Republican's Take on Climate Change

Rational Republican's Take on Climate Change
Tom Ridge believes climate change is real. Is he the only Republican thinking this way?
Former Republican governor of the state of Pennsylvania,Tom Ridge, was on Morning Joe on MSNBC, and had this to say about climate change: "Let me just tell you my personal point of view: it's pretty difficult for me to believe that millions of tons of carbon dioxide is a good thing."

What a rational point of view from a former Republican governor of a major state! He was also appointed by President George W. Bush to serve as secretary of Homeland Security. It seems to me that, since the the current Republican party is out of mainstream, almost all of the former Republicans are now sounding off as if they are Democrats!

Tom Ridge continued,"at the end of the day, is it a potential challenge for us? Yes. Is it a security challenge that would bring destruction and economic damage if we don't appreciate the fact that it's happening and try to do something in anticipation of it occurring? It's a real serious problem."

Fact of the matter is there's no debate on climate change. For two people to go on CNN and debate the existence, or causation, of climate change is like two people debating the whether the Earth is flat or not. THIS DEBATE IS OVER. Usually you'd see Bill Nye and some other Republican idiot debating this issue as if there's a real debate. Let me repeat, THERE IS NO DEBATE. We've ( actual climate scientists ) already had this debate, and the results overwhelmingly suggest that climate change is occurring due to human intervention, thus we should do something immediately to stop it - not continue to debate it.

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