Thursday, May 29, 2014

Karl Rove is back with another set of jokes

Karl Rove is back with another set of jokes
Karl Rove has the never to critique Obama's foreign policy.
Republican dickhead Karl Rove is on Fox News, otherwise known as the Alternative History Channel, to distort President Obama's foreign policy speech he gave at West Point graduation this week.

There maybe many things wrong with the Obama Administration's foreign policy, but Karl Rove doesn't have the credibility to critique it. He was in the White House working with the Bush Administration when they embarked on the disastrous wars of Iraq and Afghanistan. But for Karl, start of the American history beings the day Obama came into the White House; anything prior to that was in limbo.

"President Obama's speech today is going to further disappoint our allies. They're shaking their heads in capitals all around the world . It's going to further embolden our advisories," said Rove on Fox News. Speaking of "shaking their heads in the capitals," that's exactly what happened following the invasion of Iraq. It pissed-off half the world, and people still hate US for that even to this day. But being on Fox means he doesn't get challenged on his bulls$%t talking points, and sometimes even gets praised by the host. Fox News audience who listens to Rove are the once who think Obama is "weak" when, in fact, his approach to foreign policy is not much different from Bush!

"The speech was not anything new," Rove said. "It is what we've said before, put together with nice packaging and with a few new straw men. It has done nothing to advance the strategic interests of the United States." Rove is stating his talking points as if the policies of the Bush Administration had no impact on the world or the policies of the following administration. Rove would like nothing more than another war in the Middle East and to see hundreds of thousands of soldiers die in vain.

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