Thursday, May 22, 2014

Karl Rove: Does Hillary Have Brain Damage?

Karl Rove is pathetic excuse for a human being
Karl Rove is pathetic excuse for a human being
Recently Karl Rove has been asking a very important question. This question by Karl Rove was important, it was the new "airplane" CNN had been looking for after failing to finding the actual one. It wasn't just CNN who was covering Rove's question, the rest of mainstream media was all over it.

So, to simply put, the all important question was, "Does Hillary Clinton have brain damage?" Yes folks, the answer to this question could unlock the secret to reducing obesity in the US... or to diminish her chance of kicking Rove's ass in 2016 presidential election.

Karl Rove said Clinton spent a month in hospital while she was actually there for only three days! Well, ladies and gentlemen, if you`re a Republican, you sure can stretch three days into a month.

Reince Priebus, the head of RNC, said, "Hillary is a non-product. Given the [recent] months she's had, I doubt very much whether she actually will run." The 'months' he was referring to consists of false brain-damage accusations, and falsely connecting her to Benghazi.

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