Tuesday, May 20, 2014

FCC Vote Marks The End Of Net Neutrality

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler marks the end of Net Neutrality
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler marks the end of Net Neutrality
The FCC voted today to advance their plan of overtaking the Internet! It sounds crazy but it’s true.  They voted 3-2 in favour of this, along strict party lines. The Democrats voted against it while the corporate Republicans voted for this.

This plan would allow ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) demand higher fees from content providers, like Netfix, if they want to deliver faster their content faster.  But fat of the matter is this bill is hugely unpopular. In fact, on Twitter and Reddit, and on other social media websites, people have started campaigns to oppose government encroachment of the Internet.

What’s interesting is the fact that the Republicans are always for smaller government, but when it comes to sucking up the corporations, they have no bounds – and no values either. They don’t believe in small governments whatsoever. It’s just a talking-point to get votes.

The most amusing person of all was the FCC chairman himself. He tired vehemently to put a good face on this legislation. He said, “There is one Internet. It must be fast. It must be robust. And it must be open. The prospect of a gatekeeper choosing winners and losers on the Internet is unacceptable.”  These people have no shame! FCC ruling does the very of opposite of what he said.

This is an instance of big corporations, like ISP’s, influencing politicians to get what they want.  President Obama has to take a lot of blame for this. He promised “Change,” and said corporations won’t be running the White House, but that’s exactly what’s what’s happening now.  As a matter of fact, FCC Chairman,  Tom Wheeler, was elected by Obama himself! Clearly Pres. Obama represents the establishment, not Change. Anyone who says he’s a radical liberal is an idiot!

Image from: http://www.zdnet.com/net-neutrality-gets-a-kick-in-the-teeth-7000025154/

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