Thursday, May 22, 2014

CNN President Jeff Zucker: Climate Change is Not Important News

CNN President Jeff Zucker: Climate Change is Not Important News
Is it surprising that CNN's President Jeff Zucker is admitting that climate change is boring-tv?
"If I have that kind of power, cancer would be ice cream" - Jon Stewart's take on him being the president of CNN.
CNN's President Jeff Zucker was speaking at the Society of Professional Journalists recently when he implied that covering climate change on TV isn't important as the topic doesn't garner much ratings. I understand that CNN has lost a lot of credibility over the years for being a 50/50 "news" organization - meaning they call both sides equal without any cross-examinations, and then move on the next issue - but this is a new low for the Cable News Network!

CNN is ( or was ) known for its investigative journalism. They had a reputation for covering news that you wouldn't get from MSNBC or FOX. But those days are long gone, folks because as Jeff said, "Climate change is one of those stories that deserves more attention, that we all talk about, but we haven't figured out how to engage the audience in that story in a meaningful way. When we do do those stories, there does tend to be a tremendous amount of lack of interest on the audience's part." So what he's saying is CNN is primarily a ratings-driven news organization, and importance of news/ information takes a back seat to ratings.

Isn't this the same approach Fox News is taking? Fox delivers their "news" into a certain group of people, merely to ensure the sustainability of their ratings, while ignoring the facts of the stores. It also seems that the general American public is moronic and doesn't give a damn about the news that actually matters. So news organizations are pretty much off the hook.

Let me know what you guys think of Jeff Zucker's admission of they way CNN operates. Did that even surprise you?

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